The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anglican Communion Fund

The Anglican Communion Fund supports communities throughout the Anglican Communion in their mission to live and share Christ's love.

It does this through grant-making in three main areas – Strategic Initiatives that build capacity, Representation Grants which support Anglican influence in global forums, and Emergency Grants that support the Church in times of crisis.  


Please find our latest Annual Review here.


To donate or become a regular giver to the ACF’s ongoing work in strategic capacity-building, representation and emergency response, please donate online or email us for more information: [email protected]. Please see here for more information about the Personal Emergencies Fund.

The 41 provinces of the Anglican Communion span 165 countries and include 85 million sisters and brothers in Christ - 85% of whom are from the Global South. Many Anglican churches are in the poorest and most threatened parts of the world where the church is the only stable, functioning organisation.

The Anglican Communion Fund (ACF) supports the international ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury, providing grants to churches and provinces throughout the Anglican Communion and funding Anglican representatives whose advocacy roles have a global reach. Recipients must be a member of a province of the Anglican Communion or of one of the Extra Provincial churches in full communion with the Anglican Communion.

See Canon Charles Lundu speak about what the church rebuild means to the community here. After landslides destroyed it the church in Bungu was rebuilt with help from an ACF grant. This church now stands as a monument to the Christian presence in this predominantly Muslim area.

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