Anglican Communion Fund - Representation

The Anglican Communion Fund seeks to give Anglican voices a ‘seat at the table’ in global institutions.

Archbishop Justin Welby with UN Secretary-General António Guterres the UN headquarters in New York, 29 August 2018. (Credit: United Nations)

From its inception, the Anglican Communion Fund had an intent to give Anglican voices a ‘seat at the table’ in global institutions including the United Nations, the Anglican Centre in Rome and, more recently, the European Institutions.

Our status as a diverse global family means that wherever globally important issues are unfolding – poverty, climate change, violence against women and girls, conflict, migration and refugees – the Anglican Communion is there. Our work, and the work of others across the Anglican Communion, enables us to understand the issues and we want to use our experience to influence global policy with a Christian perspective.

In the past year we have influenced discussion on the following topics and more:

● Sustainable development.

● Tackling human trafficking.

● Climate-induced displacement.

● Statelessness and birth registration.

The representative to the European Institutions has been actively engaged in issues such as citizen’s rights post-Brexit, human rights, and EU refugee and migration policy.