Working together through strategic partnerships

Through our strategic partnerships we work together with provinces at the level of the Primate (senior leader of Anglican provinces, usually an Archbishop) to strengthen the provincial church. The province develops a strategic plan that will address their most critical needs.

These are multi-year funding agreements at a higher level of funding than a typical grant, to enable the Provinces to plan with a greater level of certainty.


Having recently separated from the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, the Church of Sudan is a new and small province facing many pressures as a minority religion in a country with escalating political turmoil. The ACF is working together with Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo to help this church get on its feet and flourish.




The Anglican Church of Tanzania has a vision for spiritual and socio-economic transformation across the country. Our Tanzania Strategic Partnership addresses both the spiritual and economic elements of this vision. Working through the Mothers’ Union, the church is rolling out a Church and Community Mobilisation Programme (CCMP) in over 20 dioceses. CCMP is having significant impact across the globe.



Groups are formed through the Mothers’ Union for the purpose of undertaking CCMP-based Bible study. Once the spiritual element of the group is well underway, a savings and loan element, Village and Community Banks (Vicoba), is introduced. These enable group members to contribute towards and receive micro-loans to help them create business, generating much-needed income.

We are also working on developing partnerships with provinces of Pakistan and Congo.