10 acres of tranquillity in the heart of London

Lambeth Palace Garden

Founded in 1197, Lambeth Palace garden covers just over 10 acres and is one of the oldest gardens in England.

What grows in the garden?

The extraordinary micro-climate of central London means we can be adventurous.

The garden has many species native to England, as well as plants from all over the world to reflect the breadth and scope of the Anglican Communion.

Trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals from Europe mix happily with a wide range of plants from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia.


Who looks after the garden?

We have two experienced full-time gardeners. They are supported by a team of volunteers who help with weeding, pruning and planting as well as collecting leaves in the autumn. 

Volunteers join us here for all kinds of reasons. Some come to gain practical skills and experience to enhance their studies, while others have a particular affinity for the garden itself.

Many enjoy the peace and contemplative quiet that the garden offers from the busy world outside.

Greener Gardening

We look after the garden organically without chemical pesticides or weed killers. This helps encourage natural predators.

Lacewings and ladybirds help keep aphid numbers down, while numerous small birds feed on the leaf miners that harm some of the trees. Hundreds of toads have made the garden their home - they are especially partial to slugs.

We create different habitats, such as longer grass in some areas, or discreet piles of decaying logs, to encourage more wild creatures. Our aim is to have a natural balance and to provide a haven for all kinds of living things in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle.

Come and visit us!

The garden is open to the public once a month between April and September. Admission is £5 for adults, kids free, friendly dogs welcome, refreshments and entertainment provided! Gates open 12-3pm.