1. Archbishop gives speech at NC24 conference

    Archbishop's Speech at the 2024 National Education Conference


    Archbishop of Canterbury delivers keynote speech at the 2024 National Education Conference.

    11 min read
  2. Archbishop Justin speaking at the RSA

    Keynote address: ‘Embracing Courage’ at the Royal Society of Arts


    Archbishop Justin gave a keynote address at the Royal Society of Arts, the first of a series of keynote addresses by leading public figures in 2024 on their annual theme of ‘Courage’. 

    17 min read
  3. Archbishop delivers speech in the House of Lords

    The Archbishop's speech on the Safety of Rwanda Bill


    The Archbishop of Canterbury gives a speech on the Safety of Rwanda Bill in its second reading in the House of Lords 

    4 min read
  4. Archbishop Justin speaks at House of Lords in the 'Love Matters' debate

    Archbishop Justin hosts annual House of Lords debate: 'Love Matters'


    House of Lords debate on the topic of Families and Households, focusing on the final report of the Archbishops’ Families and Households Commission.

    14 min read
  5. Archbishop Justin speaking to the LLF debate Synod Nov 2023

    Synod: Archbishop of Canterbury's speech in Prayers of Love and Faith debate


    The Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech in Prayers of Love and Faith debate at General Synod on Tuesday 14th November 2023

    4 min read
  6. Archbishop of Canterbury Delivers Joint Presidential Address at General Synod

    General Synod November 2023 - Joint Presidential Address


    Archbishop of Canterbury's Presidential Address at General Synod. 



    10 min read
  7. ABC in HoL

    Archbishop of Canterbury's speech in Lords debate on Israel and Gaza


    This afternoon Archbishop Justin Welby gave this speech during the House of Lords debate on the situation in Israel and Gaza. 

    6 min read
  8. Archbishop Justin Welby

    Archbishop of Canterbury calls for greater financial inclusion


    The Archbishop called for greater financial inclusion in his speech at the Lord Mayor's Dinner this evening. 

    5 min read
  9. Archbishop Justin Welby and his wife Caroline on receipt of the Archbishop's award for ecumenism.

    Archbishop receives prestigious award for ecumenism


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has received an award from American Franciscans for his ecumenical work. Archbishop Welby was given the award at the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement in rural Graymoor in New York State on Saturday (23rd September 2023). Called the Paul Wattson Christian Unity Award, Archbishop Justin is the 14th person to receive it. One of his predecessors, Archbishop Ramsey who was in office between 1962 and 1974, was also a recipient 50 years ago.

    9 min read
  10. Archbishop Justin reading the Coronation Bible

    Accession Day: Archbishop Justin shares his Thought for the Day


    In a special BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day to mark Accession Day, Archbishop Justin talks about loss and hope, drawing on his own experience. Read the full transcript here.

    3 min read