In his new book 'Reimagining Britain', Archbishop Justin Welby writes that the values we find in our Christian heritage will help us build a future on foundations of hope.

"In writing Reimagining Britain, I’ve tried to make a personal contribution to the challenge I believe lies before us: reimagining our future at this critical time in the life of our country. It’s my belief that the values we find in our Christian heritage – compassion, generosity and solidarity, to name a few – offer a source of hope and wisdom for Britain in the 21st century, even as we rightly embrace who we are becoming as a multi-faith and multi-cultural society."



Archbishop Justin Welby



"A brave, passionate and provocative case for community, courage and stability, not simply as concepts for debate but as foundations for practical change - for ourselves, for each other and for those we will never meet." 

Loretta Minghella, OBE


"What is the UK for? How can its abundant history and diverse present converge to create a flourishing future? With an astonishing range of understanding and a perspective both global and granular, Justin Welby identifies values that are true to our heritage and fertile for our hope... The result is rigour and compassion in equal measure." 

The Revd Dr Sam Wells