The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

The Anglican Communion will be represented at the Commonwealth summit in London in April 2018.
School children

In April 2018, the Commonwealth heads of government will be meeting in England to discuss shared global challenges and set the course for future co-operation.

Given the historic links and shared values between the Anglican Communion and the Commonwealth, the Archbishop has appointed a special representative to the Commonwealth in the run-up to the meeting.

The summit’s theme is ‘Towards a common future’. Seeking to build on the Commonwealth’s strengths, the aim is to ensure this unique organisation is responsive to global challenges –delivering a more prosperous, secure, sustainable and fair future for all its citizens, particularly its young people.

Archbishop Justin Welby said: 

“The Commonwealth Summit in April can be a major step in educating, supporting and inspiring us in the UK, to be outward looking, part of a family, a Commonwealth with whom we trade, in material goods and cultural and moral good. The majority of the 39 provinces of the Anglican Communion are part of the Commonwealth, and we in the Church of England learn much from them to our mutual benefit.

“Hosting the summit in London gives us the opportunity throughout the country to learn and celebrate the heritage of those in our communities whose family roots are in the countries of the commonwealth. They are a dynamic and integral part of who we are. We are a richer, diverse society through what they bring. Let us celebrate their gift of culture, faith and entrepreneurial spirit in our national life.”

A Prayer for the Commonwealth 

Almighty Father

Who has made us stewards of your glorious creation, and a wonderful family of diverse nations,

Grant to people everywhere, and especially to the peoples of the Commonwealth,

A spirit of reverence and responsibility for all that you have made,

A spirit of peace and reconciliation in the affairs of the world

And a spirit of justice and cooperation in the sharing of your bounty,

That all may flourish and give you glory.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,