1. Belfast Lecture

    Lecture: 'The Generational Struggle' - ending religiously justified violence


    Read the Archbishop's lecture on ending religiously justified violence, delivered at Queen's University Belfast.

    30 min read
  2. ABC Lords

    Archbishop of Canterbury's speech on Syria


    Archbishop Justin Welby's speech in today's Lords debate on UK military intervention in Syria.

    3 min read
  3. ABC delivers address to General Synod

    Archbishop delivers presidential address to General Synod


    Read the Archbishop's speech today at the Inauguration of the new General Synod at Church House in Westminster.

    14 min read
  4. Archbishop Justin welcomes The Queen to General Synod, 24 November 2015 (Photograph: Andrew Dunsmore/Picture Partnership)

    Archbishop welcomes The Queen to General Synod


    Read the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech welcoming HM The Queen to the Inauguration of the 10th General Synod of the Church of England.

    4 min read
  5. Archbishop Justin Welby with Dr Waqar Azmi (l) and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones (r) at the Muslim Council of Wales dinner, Cardiff, Wales, 1 October 2015.

    Archbishop Justin addresses Muslim Council of Wales


    The Archbishop urged faith groups to "go the extra mile" for the common good in this speech at the Muslim Council of Wales dinner in Cardiff last night.

    10 min read
  6. Bishop Richard Chartres speaking at Lambeth Palace, 30 September 2015. (Photograph: Lambeth Palace)

    Bishop of London delivers Lambeth Lecture on church growth in the capital


    Church must be “vision-led not problem-led”, says Bishop Richard Chartres in the third of the Lambeth Lectures series.

    42 min read
  7. "Our calling is to be a holy people available to God at any cost to us." Archbishop Justin at HTB Focus, Camber Sands, Mon 27 July 2015. (Picture: HTB Focus)

    Archbishop Justin: 'Jesus calls us to live in hope'


    Christians are called to live in hope not fear, the Archbishop of Canterbury said in this talk at HTB Focus in Camber Sands on Monday.

    15 min read
  8. ABC Stock 1

    Archbishop delivers lecture on religiously motivated violence - video


    At Liverpool John Moores University today, Archbishop Justin Welby delivered a Roscoe Lecture entitled  ‘The Abolition of the Global – Learning to Live in the World in One City’.

    23 min read
  9. Eid Frame 2

    An Eid al-Fitr 2015 message from Archbishop Justin Welby


    The Archbishop of Canterbury wishes "Eid Mubarak" to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr.

    2 min read
  10. Justin Welby outside the Houses of Parliament

    Archbishop speaks in Lords on religious freedom


    The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke today in a House of Lords debate on freedom of religion and belief.

    4 min read