1. ABC sends greetings for Eid al-Fitr

    Archbishop Justin sends greetings for Eid al-Fitr


    Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's message to Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan.

  2. Synod: Archbishop opens debate on EU referendum

    Synod: Archbishop opens debate on EU referendum


    This is 'not a time to fear' but a time to trust God, the Archbishop said in the opening speech of Synod's debate on the EU referendum today.

  3. Lords

    Archbishop speaks in Lords debate on EU referendum


    Archbishop Justin called for a spirit of hope, but stressed that widening inequality is the biggest challenge to overcome if UK is to flourish.

  4. Derby Athens

    Archbishop speaks on ending modern-day slavery


    The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke at an event today at Derby University encouraging international companies and businesses across the East Midlands to pledge their support to end modern-day slavery.

  5. Jo Cox Church 4

    Archbishop pays tribute to Jo Cox at remembrance service


    The Archbishop of Canterbury gave this reflection at a remembrance service for Jo Cox at St Margaret's Church in Westminster today.

  6. ABC Anselm

    Archbishop Justin Welby on the EU referendum


    The Archbishop has written in the Mail on Sunday that our vision for the future of Britain "cannot be only about ourselves."

  7. ABC Speach

    Archbishop calls for greater religious literacy in the media


    Archbishop Justin Welby praised 'stunning' examples of religious broadcasting at the Sandford St Martin Awards at Lambeth Palace last night.

  8. Patr Bartholomew Archbishop Justin Welby

    Archbishop gives Vespers address during pilgrimage to Cappadocia


    On the final day of his pilgrimage to Cappadocia in Turkey, the Archbishop gave this address during Vespers in the former church of St Constantine and St Helena in Sinasos.

  9. Scotland Address

    Archbishop addresses Church of Scotland General Assembly


    Archbishop says it's a 'huge privilege' to speak in debate on historic ecumenical agreement

  10. Near Neighbours May 16

    Archbishop welcomes faith leaders to Lambeth Palace


    The Archbishop of Canterbury hosted the annual interfaith reception at Lambeth Palace last night.