1. Dove of Peace

    Archbishop Justin writes about reconciliation for Premier Christianity magazine


    Read Archbishop Justin's article for Premier Christianity magazine about Christ's call of reconciliation to all Christians.

    7 min read
  2. Cross

    Archbishop Justin writes the Spectator Diary Column for Holy Week


    Read Archbishop Justin's Diary Column in the Spectator, in which he considers the realities of our world in the light of the Easter promise.

    3 min read
  3. Christ on the Cross

    Archbishop Justin reflects on suffering in Ukraine on Good Friday


    Read Archbishop Justin's reflections on Ukraine and the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, published on Medium. 

    4 min read
  4. The Cross of Nails in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral

    Archbishop Justin writes for Lent Extra magazine


    Read Archbishop Justin's article on why he wears the Cross of Nails for Lent Extra magazine

    3 min read
  5. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

    Archbishops warn of 'concerted effort' to drive Christians from Holy Land


    Writing in the Sunday Times, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Archbishop warn of concerted attempt by radical groups to drive Christians from the Holy Land. 

    5 min read
  6. community

    'How to build a new Beveridge': Archbishop Justin writes for Prospect Magazine


    Read Archbishop Justin's article for Prospect Magazine, in which he talks about rebuilding a society built on the values of cohesion, courage and stability. 

    11 min read
  7. climate change

    Archbishop Justin and Lord Browne write in The Times about tackling climate change


    Archbishop Justin Welby and Lord Browne have written in The Times about the need to work together to tackle climate change. 

    5 min read
  8. Coventry Cathedral

    'God's vision for a post-pandemic world': Archbishop Justin writes for Premier Christianity magazine


    Archbishop Justin Welby sets out a vision for post-pandemic Britain in Premier Christianity magazine. 

    11 min read
  9. Syrian refugee camp in the outskirts of Athens.

    Comment: We must fix our broken promise on overseas aid


    Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols urge the Government to put right its broken promise on overseas aid. 

    3 min read
  10. church window

    Archbishops: The Church in changing times


    The Archbishops of Canterbury and York wrote in The Spectator about the Church of England. Read their article in full. 

    5 min read