Lambeth Palace Refurbishment


Palace refurbishment


As part of a long-term refurbishment plan, Lambeth Palace is undertaking essential repairs to replace expired services and improve accessibility. Planning Permission for these works, to be delivered in a series of phases has now been sought.

The Church of England’s General Synod has set new targets for all parts of the Church to work to become carbon ‘net zero’ by 2030. Underscoring this project at Lambeth Palace is a commitment to achieve a zero-carbon outcome. The project will commit to a ‘fabric-first’ approach in which upgrading the historic building fabric is prioritised, reducing the energy required to heat and cool internal spaces.

The creation of a new Energy Centre will enable a move away from current reliance on fossil fuels. Ultimately, the entire Palace will be served by this Energy Centre, which will be augmented by on-site renewables. Increased public access is a further long-term goal enabling improved access to the Palace’s historic core with the initial works planned to the Blore Building, the Great Hall and for a new kitchen.

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