New bishops welcomed to Lambeth Palace


Archbishop Justin Welby and Caroline Welby meet new bishops from around the Communion.
The Archbishop of Canterbury with new bishops of the Anglican Communion at Lambeth Palace

The Archbishop of Canterbury met with new bishops of the Anglican Communion at Lambeth Palace yesterday.

The bishops came from all over the world, including Kenya, Nigeria and the Church of England. Two new female bishops from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa were also in attendance.

Their visit to Lambeth Palace to meet with Archbishop Justin Welby and his wife, Caroline, was part of the annual Canterbury Cathedral Course for new Anglican bishops.

The Archbishop spoke to the new bishops about the Anglican Communion and how he saw its future. He based his talk on his visits to the 37 Provinces of the Communion, and spoke of his hopes for the worldwide Church, which he said is primarily "a church of the poor for the poor".

Mrs Caroline Welby also spoke about her own impressions of the visits she undertook with the Archbishop, and on the calling that spouses have alongside bishops.

The Archbishop answered questions and spoke of his role as Archbishop, and as a bishop of the importance of "proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ", before chatting informally with the bishops over tea.

Later the bishops joined the Archbishop for Evening Prayer in the Crypt Chapel at Lambeth Palace.

Since taking office in March 2013, Archbishop Justin Welby has visited every Province of the Anglican Communion. Read more about those visits here.

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