Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury on Michael Green


“Later this month the General Synod of the Church of England are meeting at what has been subtitled a ‘Synod for Evangelism’. That evangelism is now being established as a prime priority for every church is partly due to the life and ministry of Michael Green. I’m told that from his hospital bed Michael had let his close friends know that, whilst things were complicated medically, God was giving him “lots of opportunities” to share the gospel.

“Michael was a compelling and consummate evangelist, an example and model to all of the joy and energy that living and loving the gospel bring to proclaimer and listener. He served the church locally, nationally and internationally through his ministry of communication in speech and writing. As the church we are deeply grateful for his tenacious ministry. Beyond telling, however, will be the gratitude of all those that Michael introduced to Jesus Christ – the Lord in whose presence he now knows joy beyond our imagination.”