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Prayer and the Religious Life


“If we want to see things changed, it starts with prayer. It starts with a new spirit of prayer, using all the traditions, ancient and modern. When it comes, it will be linked to what has gone before, but it will look different – because it is a new renewal for new times. God’s created community is perfectly designed for its time and place. It almost always comes from below. It comes from Christians seeking Christ.” Archbishop Justin Welby


Prayer matters, and prayer changes things. History shows that a renewal of prayer can result not just in churches transformed, but whole societies too. Today, all over Europe, new communities of prayer are growing. By making the renewal of prayer the first priority of his ministry, Archbishop Justin hopes to encourage both existing and new religious communities in Britain.

encouraging all Christians to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. Archbishop Justin hopes to help inspire Christians to explore the many different ways that prayer can bring them closer to God, enriching not just their own lives but the lives of those around them;

supporting new and existing religious communities which are devoted to simple lives of work, study and prayer (this is sometimes called ‘the Religious Life’). In such Christian communities, which date back to at least the 5th Century, living by a shared ‘rule’ helps members support one another to reach to new depths of love and obedience in their lives of faith.

As part of this, from January 2014, four members of Chemin Neuf - a Roman Catholic community with an ecumenical and teaching vocation - have come to live at Lambeth Palace to share in the daily round of prayer, as well as hospitality, which necessarily underpins everything else that happens here.

Read more about Archbishop Justin's commitment to prayer and the Religious Life: 

March 2015

Young Christians invited to spend 'a year in God's time'
2 March 2015
Applications open for Christians aged 20-35 to spend a radical year in a monastic-inspired community…

February 2015

Archbishop meets and prays with Birmingham youth workers
22 February 2015
Archbishop Justin met with youth workers in Birmingham on Saturday evening, telling them their work would…

January 2015

Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message
1 January 2015
Transcript of the Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message, filmed at the National Memorial Arboretum…

December 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury meets children affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone
17 December 2014
Archbishop Justin Welby meets and prays with communities dealing with Ebola during visit to Freetown…

Archbishop opens new prayer space at C of E primary school
15 December 2014
Archbishop of Canterbury blesses new prayer area at St Stephen’s C of E Primary School in south London.…

November 2014

Archbishop appoints Prior to oversee radical new community at Lambeth Palace - video
10 November 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury appoints the Revd Anders Litzell as Prior of the Community of St Anselm.…

October 2014

Archbishop Justin's sermon at Armagh Cathedral
3 October 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury preached at Choral Evensong at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, on Thursday…

August 2014

Archbishop prays for Melanesian Brothers killed during peace work
11 August 2014
Archbishop Justin Welby dedicates memorial to martyred Brothers during short visit to the Church of Melanesia…

WWI Centenary: Archbishop to attend national commemoration in Belgium today
4 August 2014
Archbishop of Canterbury will join senior politicians and Royal Family members at a national ceremony…

Clarification of Times article on Chemin Neuf community at Lambeth Palace
4 August 2014
Catholic sister Ula Michlowicz does not receive Communion at the daily Anglican Eucharist at Lambeth…

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