'You give hope' - Archbishop visits addiction recovery centre



Archbishop Justin met staff, volunteers and clients of a Christian project in Stevenage yesterday that helps people to overcome addictions.

On the second of a three-day visit to the Diocese of St Albans, Archbishop Justin visited the Living Room, a project in Stevenage that promotes access to quality treatment for those with addiction to drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours such as eating disorders and self-harming. It also supports their affected families, children and friends. A centre has also opened recently in St Albans.

After listening to the stories of three people who had received counselling and support from the Living Room, Archbishop Justin described its work as of "immeasurable value. . . I'm quite overwhelmed, I think it's beautiful and it's wonderful."

He said: "It's an extraordinary gift that you're giving people because you're giving them life. And you're standing in the place of Jesus, you are Christ to the people who do this. . .When you help someone in this way, know it or not, you are Christ to that person, because you give freedom, you give hope, you give deliverance, you give healing."