Archbishop to speak at Inclusive Capitalism conference



The conference will bring together international leaders from the worlds of business, finance and public policy, including former US President Bill Clinton, who will deliver the closing keynote speech.   

Archbishop Justin Welby will be in conversation with the president of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur Brooks. They will discuss how religion and history can provide ways of developing trust, ethical business practices and a strong sense of inclusion within the capitalist system. The discussion will be moderated by the president of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph today the Archbishop said: “A Christian understanding of inclusive capitalism begins with the nature of God, who in Jesus Christ reached out to include all humanity in salvation… So any human structure that calls itself moral must have this character of seeking to include everyone who is willing to be included, whether they are considered to be deserving or not.

"The benefits to society are huge. We hear a great deal about inequality and aspiration. Inclusive capitalism offers the opportunity for people’s potential to be realised, while also encouraging creativity at all levels. It calls for responsibility from the rich and powerful, not merely through redistribution, and certainly not only through philanthropy and charity, but through an openness that overcomes those barriers human beings so easily set up."

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