Reconciling Leaders Network

As individuals and as societies, we need reconciliation at every level. From our own relationship with God, to relationships in workplaces, wider communities and the whole of creation. Each of these is interconnected: fractures at one level can have a damaging impact on another. 

The Grand Imam visits Lambeth Palace

Reconciliation is a call to restore relationships in every sphere of life. RLN is about building a worldwide movement of Christians who are inspired and equipped to live out this call.

We’ll be offering a practical reconciliation toolkit for local churches, encouraging them to explore the biblical call to reconciliation and the many ways that every church member can serve as a reconciler.

We’ll also be offering reconciliation training for those seeking to deepen their skills as reconcilers and mentors. This training will provide opportunities for context-specific implementation and will focus especially on two groups:

  • Emerging Leaders: offering the next generation of Christian leaders the mentoring and tools they need to be a reconciler, equipped to transform conflict constructively. Modules will be tailored to specific. workplace, communal and geographical contexts, delivered as part of ongoing professional formation.
  • Women on the Frontline: focusing on the specific contribution of women as peace-builders. Women are often the first to notice rising tension, act to de-escalate it and care for those impacted by conflict. While they are often the victims of conflict, women are also powerful, unrecognised reconcilers, serving on the frontlines. By offering retreats and practical skills, we enable women to find solidarity in sharing their experiences of conflict. We help them access the skills they need to support their communities in rebuilding peace.

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