1. Speech ABC

    Archbishop of Canterbury's speech at Istanbul forum on modern slavery


    Read Archbishop Justin Welby's speech at the 'Sins Before Our Eyes' forum on modern slavery, delivered in Istanbul yesterday.

    11 min read
  2. ABC on ‘the common good and a shared vision for the next century’

    Archbishop Justin Welby on ‘the common good and a shared vision for the next century’


    Read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s address on a future vision for Europe, delivered this evening at the Catholic Institute of Paris during a ceremony awarding the Archbishop an honorary doctorate.

    23 min read
  3. Justin Welby outside the Houses of Parliament

    US Election: Statement from Archbishop Justin Welby


    Following the result of the US Presidential election, the Archbishop of Canterbury said today:

    1 min read
  4. Archbishop Justin Welby in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2 November 2016. (Photograph: Muslim Council of Elders.)

    Archbishop's speech in Abu Dhabi on religious freedom


    The Archbishop of Canterbury gave the opening keynote address today at a dialogue on integration, religious freedom and flourishing societies organised by the Muslim Council of Elders and with Christian leaders from the Anglican Communion.

    11 min read
  5. ABC Stock 1

    Archbishop of Canterbury sends greetings for Diwali


    Archbishop Justin Welby wishes all celebrating Diwali a blessed and peaceful time of thanksgiving.

    2 min read
  6. Westminster Abbey

    Archbishop's address at Westminster Abbey anti-slavery service


    Archbishop Justin Welby gave this address at Westminster Abbey last night in a service marking the UK's commitment to combating modern slavery.

    3 min read
  7. Schools

    Archbishop addresses Anglican secondary school heads


    Archbishop Justin Welby set out the Church of England's education vision at the Anglican Academies and Secondary Heads Conference at Coventry Cathedral on Friday 23 September.

    20 min read
  8. ABC sends greetings for Eid al-Fitr

    Archbishop Justin sends greetings for Eid al-Fitr


    Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's message to Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan.

    1 min read
  9. Synod: Archbishop opens debate on EU referendum

    Synod: Archbishop opens debate on EU referendum


    This is 'not a time to fear' but a time to trust God, the Archbishop said in the opening speech of Synod's debate on the EU referendum today.

    7 min read
  10. Lords

    Archbishop speaks in Lords debate on EU referendum


    Archbishop Justin called for a spirit of hope, but stressed that widening inequality is the biggest challenge to overcome if UK is to flourish.

    6 min read