1. Schools 2

    We must listen to children with mental health issues, writes Archbishop Justin Welby


    We need to let unhappy children know they are not alone, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Guardian. 

  2. Way of the Cross from Latin America

    The Way of the Cross

    Archbishop Justin Welby gives a Holy Week reflection on following Jesus on the Way of the Cross. 

  3. Justin Welby on housing estate in Lambeth

    Archbishop Justin Welby: Britain's housing crisis is a major challenge


    Building homes is important but it’s not enough - we need to build communities, writes Archbishop Justin Welby. 

  4. Justin Welby New Year Message

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message 2019


    Read and watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's BBC New Year Message. 

  5. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Ecumenical Christmas Letter


    Read the Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas letter to churches around the world. 

  6. Hands Across the Divide peace sculpture in Derry

    We must learn how to forgive — and disagree


    Archbishop Justin Welby offers his lesson for 2019 in the latest issue of Prospect magazine. 

  7. ABC NHS Norwich

    Volunteering brings joy, purpose and belonging


    Archbishop Justin Welby writes in the Daily Mail about the blessing of volunteering. 

  8. Jordan

    We must not forget Christians in the Middle East


    Christians in parts of the Middle East are facing the threat of extinction - we must pray and speak up for them, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Sunday Telegraph. 

  9. The Community of St Anselm at Lambeth Palace

    Let's rejoice in the renewal of religious life


    Religious communities still face challenges — but there are signs of hope and renewal, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Church Times. 

  10. Justin Welby outside the Houses of Parliament

    Making the economy fairer will benefit us all


    Writing in the Daily Mail, Archbishop Justin Welby calls for a fairer society where everyone can flourish and the vulnerable are protected.