1. Schools 2

    We must listen to children with mental health issues, writes Archbishop Justin Welby


    We need to let unhappy children know they are not alone, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Guardian. 

    4 min read
  2. Way of the Cross from Latin America

    The Way of the Cross

    Archbishop Justin Welby gives a Holy Week reflection on following Jesus on the Way of the Cross. 

  3. Justin Welby on housing estate in Lambeth

    Archbishop Justin Welby: Britain's housing crisis is a major challenge


    Building homes is important but it’s not enough - we need to build communities, writes Archbishop Justin Welby. 

    3 min read
  4. Justin Welby New Year Message

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message 2019


    Read and watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's BBC New Year Message. 

    2 min read
  5. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Ecumenical Christmas Letter


    Read the Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas letter to churches around the world. 

    3 min read
  6. Hands Across the Divide peace sculpture in Derry

    We must learn how to forgive — and disagree


    Archbishop Justin Welby offers his lesson for 2019 in the latest issue of Prospect magazine. 

    4 min read
  7. ABC NHS Norwich

    Volunteering brings joy, purpose and belonging


    Archbishop Justin Welby writes in the Daily Mail about the blessing of volunteering. 

    9 min read
  8. Jordan

    We must not forget Christians in the Middle East


    Christians in parts of the Middle East are facing the threat of extinction - we must pray and speak up for them, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Sunday Telegraph. 

    5 min read
  9. The Community of St Anselm at Lambeth Palace

    Let's rejoice in the renewal of religious life


    Religious communities still face challenges — but there are signs of hope and renewal, writes Archbishop Justin Welby in the Church Times. 

    7 min read
  10. Justin Welby outside the Houses of Parliament

    Making the economy fairer will benefit us all


    Writing in the Daily Mail, Archbishop Justin Welby calls for a fairer society where everyone can flourish and the vulnerable are protected.

    7 min read