Prayer can be difficult on your own. Actually, being a Christian is pretty hard on your own. That’s why Christians have always gathered together – to encourage each other, learn together, and share their lives together.
Anselm 2

Some Christians want to take this further and really explore what it means to be children of God together. What it means to embody new relationships, and the new life and possibilities that Jesus promises.

So over the centuries, some Christians have always chosen to be part of religious communities. Some of them are Christians living together in the same building. But other communities live near one another and meet daily. Others live far apart but commit to a shared way of living and praying. All of them are centred around prayer, study and service.

Whenever the church has grown, we can see praying communities behind it. Today, Archbishop Justin wants to encourage these communities – the traditional ones, and the new, experimental ones. It’s his prayer that they grow and explore together, and learn from each other. Together they are the great treasure of the Church.

One of the ways the Archbishop is supporting communities is by giving young people a chance to experience a year living in community here at Lambeth Palace, with the Community of St Anselm. Find out more on the community on their website. 

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