For the past seven years the Rev’d Canon Chris Russell has served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Adviser for Evangelism and Witness on a part time basis. At the same time he has continued to serve as vicar of St Laurence Reading, a church which lives to see non church young people come to faith and build new form of church with them.

These last months have clearly revealed the challenges and opportunities for the Church of England. Archbishop Justin is renewed in his sense of the priority and gift of evangelism and witness for the church. He has therefore invited Chris to come to work full time on this priority.

From November 2020 Chris will serve the Archbishop to enable his ministry and advocacy for evangelism and witness across the church. This necessitates the end of his time as vicar of St Laurence Reading and a move for the family into London. Archbishop Justin will continue to do the job of an evangelist, do everything he can to facilitate and encourage the priority of evangelism throughout the institution and organisation of the church, and to insist that every local church is involved in the life-giving ministry to see people become followers of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Justin is convinced that the best decision anyone can ever make is to become a follower of Jesus, and is delighted that Chris is bringing his energy, commitment and joy to serve him and the team at Lambeth Palace full time.

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