Young Christians prepare to spend ‘a year in God’s time’ at Lambeth Palace


St Anselm

“Intense preparations” are underway at Lambeth Palace for the arrival of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s new community for young Christians, the Community of St Anselm.

Sixteen Christians from around the world, aged between 20 and 35, will move in to Lambeth Palace early next month, joined by 22 non-resident members, for a year of prayer, study and service in the community.

On 18th September Archbishop Justin will officially welcome them to Lambeth Palace at a “Service of Commitment” in the Chapel, during which they will promise to live by a Rule of Life. The service will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship on 20th September.

“Our hope and vision is that those young people who come here will be so changed by their encounter with Christ that in twenty or thirty years, they will change the world,” Archbishop Justin said.

The Prior of the Community of St Anselm, the Revd Anders Litzell, said: “In the middle of what is quite inevitably an intense period of preparation here at Lambeth, the whole team is energised by the thought of our soon-to-be members making their own preparations, packing bags, praying and getting ready for a year in God’s time.

“This is a time of prayer and prep; our prayers enabling our preparations and our preparations informing our prayers. Prayers not only for the practical aspects, but in thinking about our members, praying into their thoughts, their travels, their questions, the things they’ll do while they are here – and more than anything praying into their hunger for the Living God.

“We’re all in for a journey of wonderful – if challenging – discovery about God and about ourselves. It will be a transforming experience for everyone involved; for the team here, for the members and for Lambeth Palace and the Archbishop’s ministry – all to the glory of God and in service of his world.

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