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The latest news from the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  1. Archbishop speech house of lords 23

    Illegal Migration Bill: Archbishop’s Committee Stage Amendment on human trafficking


    Archbishop Justin's speech in the House of Lords from the Committee Stage Amendments on human trafficking in the Illegal Migration Bill

    6 min read
  2. RMC Festival 2023

    Archbishop Justin's Speech at the Religion Media Festival


    Archbishop Justin ' speech at the Religion Media Festival 'Exploring Belief', at the JW3 Centre

    8 min read
  3. Archbishops Justin and Stephen

    Archbishops welcome Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Friendly Churches initiative


    The new initiative will help churches to improve their welcoming and signposting of members of these communities.

    3 min read
  4. Archbishop of Canterbury preview image

    Archbishop of Canterbury's Statement on the Church of Uganda


    Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

    3 min read
  5. Dr Agnes Abuom

    Archbishop pays tribute to Kenyan ecumenist and peacemaker Agnes Abuom


    Archbishop Justin pays tribute to Dr Agnus Abuom, a passionate ecumenist and peacemaker, who has died followed a short illness.

    2 min read
  6. Prayer Day Canterbury May 2023

    A space for people to pray in their own way


    To encourage those interested in prayer Archbishop Welby held a Prayer Day at Canterbury Cathedral on Saturday, 27th May.

    2 min read
  7. Archbishop Justin Welby

    “We will not abandon the most vulnerable”


    Archbishop Justin writes in The Times as the Illegal Migration Bill enters committee stage in the Lords. Read the full opinion piece, published on 24th May 2023.

    4 min read
  8. House of Lords

    Proposed amendments to Illegal Migration Bill


    The Archbishop has proposed two amendments to the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill as it enters Committee Stage in the House of Lords. 

    3 min read
  9. The Archbishop of Canterbury logo

    Archbishop of Canterbury statement on Soul Survivor


    Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

    2 min read
  10. Michael Ramsey Prize logo

    Archbishop of Canterbury relaunches Michael Ramsey Prize for 2023


    Nominations are now open for the 2023 Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing

    3 min read