Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


Clearing rubble in Syria earthquake Image credit: Christian Aid

As we continue to hear of the terrible loss, suffering and trauma of those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, I continue to call out to God in prayer for those who have been so terribly bereaved, and all those struggling to find warmth, food and shelter. I continue to express my profound condolence and solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria, including those who have endured many years of conflict and hardship before these events. 

I call on Anglicans around the world to pray for all those affected by these catastrophic events and to support relief efforts. The Disasters Emergency Committee have set up an appeal for funds to offer urgent relief. Christian Aid and Tearfund are among those charities where you can donate to help channel resources to those that need it most. Please consider donating to them if you can.

It is at moments like this when words are insufficient to express the unimaginable suffering before us. We struggle to comprehend how such tragedies can happen. But we do know that the crucified God shares in the depths of human suffering. We can reflect that solidarity by recommitting ourselves to the love and mercy of God in Christ, backing up our prayers with our generosity and care.

You can donate directly to these charities via the links below: 

Disasters Emergency Committee >>
Christian Aid >>
Tearfund >>

food distribution earthquake Image credit: Christian Aid
camps post earthquake Image credit: Christian Aid
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