Lambeth Palace appoints new Advisor for Anglican Communion Affairs


The Very Revd Canon Dr Sammy Wainaina

Lambeth Palace has appointed a Kenyan priest as Advisor for Anglican Communion Affairs. The Very Revd Canon Dr Sammy Wainaina, who is currently Provost of All Saints’ Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya, will take up the post in May.

Dr Wainaina will work directly to the Archbishop of Canterbury as part of the Archbishop’s senior team, and will be based at Lambeth Palace as well as the Anglican Communion Office in west London. He will support and advise the Archbishop of Canterbury in his role in the Anglican Communion.

Part of his role will be co-ordinating the Archbishop’s visits within the Anglican Communion, and managing correspondence from and about the Anglican Communion that comes to Lambeth Palace. He takes over the role from Bishop Anthony Poggo, who became Secretary General of the Anglican Communion in September last year.

Provost Sammy was ordained in 1996 in Nakuru Diocese of Kenya where he grew up.  He has served as vicar, Archdeacon, Assistant Provost and has been Provost of All Saints Cathedral since December 2013. He is married to Beatrice, and they have 3 children.

Looking forward to his new role, the Very Revd Canon Dr Sammy Wainaina said: "I am delighted to be appointed as the Advisor for Anglican Communion Affairs. This is both an opportunity and a challenge that I take with grace and courage. It is my hope that my experience in serving the Church of Kenya, especially the All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi, will contribute positively to the Anglican Communion. I thank Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit for his trust and blessing.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “Provost Sammy has been a dedicated and faithful priest for many years, and a creative and evangelistic Provost of All Saints Cathedral in Kenya. I’m grateful that he will be joining the diverse team at Lambeth Palace, supporting us in our ministry to and with the global Anglican Communion. His ministry in parish and cathedral life, combined with his experience across different Anglican traditions, will be a valuable contribution to the senior team at Lambeth.”

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