Archbishop pays tribute to Kenyan ecumenist and peacemaker Agnes Abuom


Dr Agnes Abuom

Archbishop Justin paid tribute to Dr Agnes Abuom, a lay woman in the Anglican Church of Kenya who was made an honorary Canon in the province last year. Dr Abuom died age 73 following a short illness. She was the first African, and first woman, to be elected Moderator of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches. She was a passionate ecumenist and peacemaker, and her ministry took her all over the world. 

The Archbishop paid tribute to Dr Abuom saying:

"I mourn the loss of a great servant of Christ, Dr Agnes Abuom, who devoted her life to Church unity, peace in war torn countries, and giving voice to issues that concern the unheard people in troubled parts of the world.

"She was a woman of deep faith who believed that every difficult situation should be taken to God in prayer, and that opponents in conflict or disagreement should be encouraged to meet and have dialogue. I remember meeting her in Burundi and South Sudan as she tirelessly travelled around some of the world's conflict areas. 

"In recognition and encouragement for her efforts in peace making and unity in the Body of Christ, Dr Agnes Abuom received a Lambeth Cross for Ecumenism in 2017.  

"May her gentle soul rest in the Lord." 


A number of other church leaders have also paid tribute to the former Moderator of the WCC. Read more here and here.

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