Archbishop Justin's statement in response to the Learning Lessons Review - Father Alan Griffin


Read Archbishop Justin's statement in response to the independent Lessons Learnt Review regarding Father Alan Griffin

“The death of Fr Alan Griffin was a profound tragedy that has deeply impacted many people. I join Bishop Sarah in apologising unreservedly to Fr Alan’s family and friends on behalf of the Church that so severely let him down. It is clear from Chris Robson’s rigorous and thorough report that we have more work to do to unearth and address homophobia and bias – conscious and unconscious – in the Church, where it has absolutely no place. The report also rightly identifies past safeguarding failures that are being tackled under Bishop Sarah’s leadership.  

“As we rightly learn the lessons from this appalling situation, let us keep in our minds the vulnerable person who we failed to support and pastorally care for – and let us repent of those aspects of our culture that led to him feeling marginalised, stigmatised and alone. I pray that we continue to learn to be a Church that is honest and unflinching in confronting our mistakes and sins – and committed to being a Church where everyone is safe, and everyone is welcome.”


Read the full Review and the Diocese of London's response here.

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