Archbishop of Canterbury statement on Soul Survivor


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I am deeply conscious of the impact that reports concerning Soul Survivor and Mike Pilavachi continue to have on many people. The investigation, which is being led by safeguarding professionals from the National Safeguarding Team and the Diocese of St Albans, is independent from Soul Survivor and has my full support. The investigation is prioritising the wellbeing of everyone concerned, and I am confident they are treating all who are involved in the investigation and everything that has been shared with the utmost care and sensitivity. Access to counselling is available and support is being offered to all concerned.

I cannot comment any further at this stage while the investigation is ongoing, but I know how profoundly painful this is. I would like to assure anyone who has been affected by this situation of my ongoing prayers. For some that will be from their direct involvement, for others this is bringing to the surface past experiences from their own lives. Please continue to support and pray for one another, as we remind each other of the love of Christ which never fails.

I encourage anyone who has information to continue to come forward. If you or someone who know has information they need to share, please do get in touch with the National Safeguarding Team via [email protected]. Again, please be assured that any safeguarding concerns you raise will be treated with sensitivity and care.

If you or anyone you know are affected by this situation and want to speak to someone independently, you can also call the Safe Spaces helpline on 0300 303 1056. Safe Spaces are offering support for victims and survivors and anyone who has been affected by this investigation.

Archbishop Justin Welby

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