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  1. The first recipients of a new set of non-academic awards for outstanding service to the church were recognised in a ceremony at Lambeth Palace yesterday.

    Archbishop of Canterbury calls for sensitivity and dialogue in evangelism to other faiths


    Archbishop Justin Welby gave the annual Deo Gloria Trust lecture at Lambeth Palace on the topic, |9999999998|Good news for everyone? Evangelism and other faiths'

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  2. Women priests group shot

    Lambeth Palace holds service celebrating 25 years of female priests in the Church of England


    The service will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 8:10am on Sunday 3rd March. 

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  3. Synod P Crop

    Archbishop of Canterbury's opens General Synod 'State of the Nation' debate


    The Archbishop of Canterbury's opening speech at his General Synod motion today asking for prayer and commitment to the poor and marginalised.

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  4. ABC Synod Edit

    Archbishop of Canterbury's presidential address to General Synod


    Read the Archbishop's presidential address to General Synod in London. 

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  5. Lambeth external Alex Baker

    Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby


    Statement by Archbishop Justin Welby regarding the handling of the original allegation against Bishop George Bell. 

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  6. Justin Welby and Methodist leaders

    Archbishop Justin Welby and Methodist leaders urge end to anger and vitriol in public debate


    Archbishop Justin and the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have issued a joint statement calling for an end to anger and vitriol in public discourse. 

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  7. Justin Welby at the World Council of Churches in Geneva

    Archbishop Justin raises concern for Kent in event of 'no-deal' Brexit


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed concerns for the communities of Kent in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit.


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  8. Justin Welby New Year Message

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message 2019


    Read and watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's BBC New Year Message. 

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