Churches invited to pioneer Archbishop's reconciliation course


Churches are being offered the chance to pilot the new Difference course, that will equip Christians for reconciliation. 

In a divided and complex world, many of us long for the church to be known as a thriving and active presence, stepping into difficult places with courageous hope. However, we can be disheartened and overwhelmed by the complexity of issues and deep hurts around us. 

Every Christian is called by God to cross divides, and we're called to do this together as one body.
Archbishop Justin Welby has convened leading thinkers and peacemaking practitioners to create a course for churches to guide you as you reimagine together how to participate in this mission.

Reconciliation taster video

This course will enable you to take participants though a journey of what it means to follow Jesus in the face of human conflict and difference, exploring the values that form our God-given identity and the practices that help us model it in our everyday contexts.


This autumn the Archbishop's reconciliation team is providing training for churches who want to run this course. To register your interest in training with us, visit the Difference website here

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