Archbishop of Canterbury supports new Crisis plan to end homelessness


Archbishop Justin Welby has endorsed a new plan by Crisis to end the “tragedy” of 200,000 homeless people in Great Britain.
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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has given his support to a new plan to tackle homelessness by Crisis, the national charity .

Archbishop Justin Welby, who is vice-president of the charity, said it is “a tragedy” that around 200,000 people in Great Britain are homeless. Endorsing the Plan to End Homelessness, the Archbishop said it would “help ensure that homelessness becomes a thing of the past”.

The Archbishop said today:

“It is a tragedy that today around 200,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales are homeless, leaving too many women, men and children vulnerable on our streets or in inadequate accommodation. Many churches support people who are homeless, befriending them and providing a listening ear, as well as offering food, night shelters and other practical help. But there is so much more that we can, and should, all be doing as a society. This Plan to End Homelessness provides the evidence-based policies and practical solutions that are needed to help ensure that homelessness becomes a thing of the past, so that everyone has access to the kind of safe and stable housing that is so vital to human dignity and society’s flourishing.”

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