'I urge Anglicans to pray for peace in Sri Lanka' - Archbishop's message to Church of Ceylon


In a message to the two bishops of the Church of Ceylon today, the Archbishop of Canterbury said he urges Anglicans around the Communion to pray fervently for peace in Sri Lanka. 

Archbishop Justin Welby said: 

Dear Presiding Bishop Keerthisiri and Bishop Dushantha,

As Metropolitan Archbishop of the Church of Ceylon, I have watched the terrible crisis in Sri Lanka with horror, and heard of the suffering of the people with intense grief. This is a human tragedy on an enormous scale.

As the Bishops and people of the Church of Ceylon, you have worked tirelessly to help those in need, and to speak courageously about the way forward for the country of Sri Lanka. May God bless you for your determination and bravery.

As this crisis worsens, I call on the Anglican Communion to pray fervently for peace and for all the people of Sri Lanka. It is only a few years since the end of a catastrophic civil war; this crisis is a reminder that reconciliation is indispensable for future stability. Reconciliation involves justice in the economy as well as healing of memories. May God bring reconciliation to Sri Lanka, may its churches and all its people be willing to embrace their neighbours, providing for a future of hope and grace.

With assurance of my continuing prayers, and in the peace of Christ,

Archbishop Justin


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