Archbishop speaks to Mary Berry about meaning of Easter


Mary Berry

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, was featured on Mary Berry’s Easter Feast on BBC 2 last night.

Mrs Berry, who is one of the judge’s on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off, presented him with a traditional Easter Simnel cake she had prepared. The Archbishop described the cake as “absolutely wonderful”

Over tea and cake in his study, the Archbishop told Mrs Berry that Easter was an opportunity to “celebrate life and celebrate hope” as well as to remember loved ones who had passed away.

Archbishop Justin said: “There’s a wonderful moment at the end of Evensong on Easter Sunday afternoon, and I go home and we sit down and we have some cake and some tea with the family; and it’s relishing the human contact, the love for one another, the security in one another that is the gift of family. And I think that’s one of my rejoicing moments.

“It is a great moment of being together, and, of course, it’s the oldest celebration - the first thing that the earliest church did was to celebrate the conquest of death.”

Watch Mary Berry’s Easter Feast (Archbishop Justin featured at around 54 minutes)

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