Archbishop recalls "heroism and tragedies" of Gallipoli campaign


Archbishop Justin Welby attended the UK-led commemoration of the Gallipoli campaign at the Cenotaph in London today.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said we remember the "heroism and tragedies" of the Gallipoli campaign on its centenary today.

Archbishop Justin attended a National Service of Commemoration this morning at the Cenotaph in London on Anzac Day. He was joined by the Bishop to the Forces, Bishop Nigel Stock.

The UK-led ceremony, with senior Government representation, was arranged in co-operation with the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, who have held a ceremony at the Cenotaph on that date for the last 98 years.

Archbishop Justin Welby said: “This week we recall the heroism and tragedies of the Gallipoli Campaign, which began 100 years ago and which in many ways we are still living with today across the region.

"As we continue to remember the devastating and continuing impact of the Great War of 1914-1918, we honour the service and lives of all who fought and those who died – British, Australian, New Zealanders, Canadian, Indian, and many others from across the British Empire, as well as our French allies and the Ottoman forces.

"May we honour their sufferings through our unwavering pursuit of a just peace, in a region where fear and conflict often feel insurmountable.”

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