Archbishop Justin welcomes South Sudan Council of Churches to Lambeth Palace


ABC welcomes South Sudan Council of Churches to LP


The Archbishop of Canterbury today welcomed the ecumenical delegation of the South Sudan Council of Churches, following their recent visit to Pope Francis in Rome.

The delegation briefed the Archbishop of Canterbury on the situation in South Sudan and what the Church continues to do, and the outcome of their recent visit to the Holy Father. As they did with their visit to the Vatican, the delegation invited the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Holy Father to do all in their power for the promotion of peace and reconciliation.

Present in the meeting was Reverend Philip Majcher of the Church of Scotland, which has strong ties with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and Sudan.

Archbishop Justin Welby welcomed the delegation and expressed his deep concern for the situation. He informed the delegation of his continued effort in prayer and support through agencies like the Anglican Alliance towards ameliorating the situation.

He emphasized that the peace, reconciliation and healing of South Sudan and its people remain a top priority for him and he promised to do all in his power, through the Grace of God, to support the efforts of the Church, and other people of good will.




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