Archbishop Justin on the London attacks


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"After the horrifying events in London last night, churches around Britain today have been praying for the wounded and bereaved as they face such profound pain and struggle.

This morning in Folkestone, in one of the final services of Thy Kingdom Come, the sense of people praying, grieving and standing with the people of London was tangible.

The terrorists want to divide us. They want to make us hate one another. They want to change our way of life. But just like we saw in Manchester, Londoners are responding with generosity and open hearts. With courage, resilience and determination.

Today is Pentecost, and we pray “Come Holy Spirit” - the Spirit of peace, healing and hope. What we celebrated this morning in church was the eternal hope we have in Jesus Christ, but as well as that, the deep resources we have in our faith, our history, our culture, to face up to these things with courage."

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