Archbishop contributes to new 'God and Money' films


God and Money

We must challenge the sovereignty of money over every aspect of life, Archbishop Justin says in a new film on money and debt released today.

The first of four ten-minute ‘God and Money’ films – Money, Debt and Salvation – is launched today by To Your Credit, the Archbishop’s initiative to create a fairer financial system. The films also feature contributions from six theologians reflecting on the themes of money and debt.

In the film Archbishop Justin says: “Credit and debt is one of the key issues that people face because it’s pervasive, it’s everywhere. . . The reason it’s so important is because the knock-on effect of credit and debt going wrong is so destructive. People’s lives are torn apart, their families are damaged. . .

“It’s a prophetic thing to get stuck into these issues because it just seems to be one of those moments where we have to challenge the sovereignty of money and finance over every aspect of our life. And to say in quite a revolutionary way, no you’re not in charge, human beings are the ultimate value. The human person is what matters – and Jesus Christ’s view of the human person is of someone of infinite value, whoever they are, whatever their debt or credit position. . .  And it’s prophetic in challenging that deeply improper power over people’s lives.”

Watch the video here

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