Archbishop asks churches to pray with renewed expectancy this Pentecost


Thy Kingdom Come

In a new video about Thy Kingdom Come, which takes place 8-15 May, the Archbishop says: “When we pray the Lord's Prayer, committed to Jesus Christ, there is no exaggerating, there is no imagining the new ways in which God can use us to his glory.

“As Christians there’s nothing more important than our relationship with Jesus Christ. When that flourishes, it overflows into the world around us – to our friends, to our family, to those we work with, to everyone we know. And when the church is full of the presence of Christ, we overflow and transform society in the most beautiful and wonderful way. That overflowing starts with our prayer lives, individually and collectively, as we pray and meet with Christ in prayer.

“That’s why this Pentecost the Archbishop of York and I are asking churches right across England to pray for a renewal of their expectancy and the overflowing of Christ in their lives together, so that people right across the country see who Jesus is and are drawn to faith in him.”

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