2015 news archive

  1. Archbishop Justin Welby with a delegation of church leaders from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

    Archbishop receives Evangelical Lutheran Church in America delegation


    Archbishop Justin Welby received a delegation of church leaders from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America at Lambeth Palace today.

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  2. Archbishop commissioning key members of Community of St Anselm

    Archbishop commissions key members of Community of St Anselm


    Ecumenical congregation lays hands on new Prior and Community Director during service at Lambeth Palace.

    3 min read
  3. ABC at Lambeth Palace

    Why love often says 'don't tweet'


    Writing on his blog today, Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on the limits of electronic media in solving disagreements. 

    1 min read
  4. ABC Speech

    'Banks must be people-centred,' says Archbishop of Canterbury


    The Archbishop of Canterbury's speech at the conference 'Financial inclusion: The next move forward' held in the City of London this morning.

    11 min read
  5. ABC Mediation

    We must not forget our homeless veterans, says Archbishop of Canterbury


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out in support of the Evening Standard’s Homeless Veterans appeal, saying people “must not forget” servicemen and women who have fallen on hard times.

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  6. Archbishop of Canterbury at Durham University

    Archbishop of Canterbury receives Durham honorary degree


    Archbishop Justin Welby receives honorary Doctor of Divinity from Durham University. 

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  7. ABC Mediation

    Archbishop of Canterbury condemns Charlie Hebdo attack as 'barbaric'


    Archbishop Justin Welby condemns terrorist attack at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. 

    2 min read
  8. Lambeth Palace exterior

    Bishop of Kurunegala resigns - statement from Lambeth Palace


    Statement from Lambeth Palace regarding the resignation of the Bishop of Kurunegala. 

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  9. Archbishop Justin Welby speaks at the launch of new Pilgrim Course materials

    Christianity course addressing ‘urgent task’ for the church, says Archbishop


    Archbishop of Canterbury praises Church of England's Pilgrim Course for helping bring new people to the Christian faith. 

    2 min read