2014 news archive

  1. ABC Mediation

    Archbishop of Canterbury's statement on Iraq


    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, issued the following statement today on the situation in Iraq, shortly before he travelled from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea.

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  2. Archbishop Justin with Filipino bishops, Manila, Philippines.

    Archbishop begins visit to Anglicans in the South Pacific


    Archbishop Justin Welby will spend 10 days visiting Anglican primates and their provinces in the South Pacific. 

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  3. Lambeth Palace exterior

    Clarification of Times article on Chemin Neuf community at Lambeth Palace


    Catholic sister Ula Michlowicz does not receive Communion at the daily Anglican Eucharist at Lambeth Palace.

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  4. ABC Mediation

    WWI centenary: Archbishop's Thought for the Day


    Archbishop Justin gave the Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning.

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  5. Archbishop Justin Welby with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge in Mons tonight.

    Archbishop prays for reconciliation at WWI centenary event in Belgium


    The Archbishop joined Royal Family members and the Prime Minister at a solemn commemoration in Belgium tonight remembering Britain’s entry into WWI.

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  6. Archbishop Justin Welby answers questions from young people.

    PHOTOS: Archbishop joins 4,000 young people at Soul Survivor festival


    Archbishop Justin is spending two days at the Christian festival in Stafford.

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  7. ABC at Lambeth Palace

    Women bishops: Archbishop's speech to Ecclesiastical Committee


    Archbishop Justin Welby outlined how General Synod came to approve legislation allowing women to become bishops in the Church of England. 

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  8. ABC at Lambeth Palace

    Archbishop writes to new Archbishop of the Internal Province of Sudan


    “I hope and pray the Church in Sudan will prosper,” Archbishop Justin writes

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  9. Archbishop Justin hosted an Iftar meal on Wednesday evening for the Christian Muslim Forum.

    Archbishop Justin hosts Iftar meal at Lambeth Palace


    Archbishop Justin hosted an Iftar meal on Wednesday evening for the Christian Muslim Forum, of which he is Patron. 

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  10. ABC at Lambeth Palace

    Archbishop writes to ecumenical partners about women bishops


    Archbishop Justin has written to ecumenical partners about the General Synod's decision to allow women to become bishops, emphasising that churches "need each other".

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