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  1. Lambeth Palace main doors

    Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury on Michael Green


    “Michael was a compelling and consummate evangelist, an example and model to all of the joy and energy that living and loving the gospel bring to proclaimer and listener. He served the church locally, nationally and internationally through his ministry of communication in speech and writing."

  2. Lambeth external Alex Baker

    Statement from Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby


    Statement by Archbishop Justin Welby regarding the handling of the original allegation against Bishop George Bell. 

  3. The Archbishop of Canterbury and York speaking together

    Statement from Archbishops of Canterbury and York


    We echo the call of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland to Christians and all those of faith and goodwill to give time for prayer beginning this Sunday in their local churches. 

  4. Justin Welby and Methodist leaders

    Archbishop Justin Welby and Methodist leaders urge end to anger and vitriol in public debate


    Archbishop Justin and the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have issued a joint statement calling for an end to anger and vitriol in public discourse. 

  5. Justin Welby at the World Council of Churches in Geneva

    Archbishop Justin raises concern for Kent in event of 'no-deal' Brexit


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed concerns for the communities of Kent in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit.


  6. Justin Welby New Year Message

    The Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message 2019


    Read and watch the Archbishop of Canterbury's BBC New Year Message.