The Archbishop's staff team

Senior leadership team

David Porter - Chief of Staff and Strategy
Bishop Tim Thornton - Bishop at Lambeth
Ailsa Anderson-Cole - Director of Communications
The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley - Chaplain
Sarah Snyder - Adviser for Reconciliation
The Revd Chris Russell - Adviser for Evangelism and Witness
Bishop Anthony Poggo - Anglican Communion Affairs Adviser
Rosemary Nuamah Williams - Social and Public Affairs Adviser
The Revd Mark Poulson - Secretary for Inter-Religious Affairs
The Revd Dr William Adam - Ecumenical Adviser

Special Representatives

The Revd Dr Flora Winfield - Special Representative to the Commonwealth
Jack Palmer-White - Personal Representative to the United Nations
Bishop Precious Omuku - Special Representative on Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
Rt Revd Robert Innes - Bishop in Europe

Full staff list

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Canon David Porter - Chief of Staff & Strategy
                  Ms Everarda Slabbekoorn - Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff & Strategy

Stephen Knott - Assistant Chief of Staff
          Daniel Binder - Executive Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Staff
          Rebecca Pashley - Finance Officer

                           Owen Morgan - Correspondence Secretary 
                                     David Grier - PA to Correspondence Secretary
                                     Edward Bradshaw - Requests Officer

                 Dr Christopher Webb - Records Manager
                                     Barbara Casilli - Records Officer (part-time)

                 Robert Gordon - Head of Events (maternity cover)
                                     Katrine Sejer-Nielsen - Events Manager
                                     Tricia Shannon - Events and Tours Manager
                                     Rob Gathercole - Head Chef

Ailsa Anderson-Cole - Director of Communications
                 Ruth Mawhinney - Head of Media Relations
                                     Chris Cox - Digital Media Officer
                                     VACANT - PA to the Communications team
Helen Harris - Archbishop’s Personal Private Secretary
                 Katherine Richards - Archbishop’s Diary Manager
                 Emma Woodhams - PA to the Archbishop’s Personal Private Secretary

Rosemary Nuamah Williams - Social & Public Affairs Adviser
                 Fiona Bryer - PA to Social & Public Affairs Adviser
                 Jessica Wyatt - Community Sponsorship Programme Officer

                 The Revd Canon Dr Flora Winfield - Special Representative to the Commonwealth

Bishop Anthony Poggo - Adviser on Anglican Communion Affairs
                  Philippa Park - Anglican Communion Programme Coordinator
                  (Area B and PA to the Adviser)

                  Fiona Millican - Anglican Communion Liaison Officer             
                            Gill Whiting - Anglican Communion Programme Coordinator
                            (Area C and Correspondence Liaison)

The Revd Mark Poulson - Secretary for Inter-Religious Affairs
(also Archbishops’ Council)

                  Katie Hodkinson - Inter-Religious Affairs Programme Officer

Quentin Padgett - Steward
                  Mike Handley - Assistant Steward
                  Dawn Stewart - Assistant Steward
                  Fred Bender - Facilities Coordinator
                  Elliot Smith - Facilities Coordinator

                  Nick Stewart - Head Gardener
                                 Malcolm Playford - Gardener (Groundsman)
                                 Sabina Tomalik - Gardener

Bishop Tim Thornton - Bishop at Lambeth
                  Charles Patterson - Executive Assistant to Bishop at Lambeth
                  VACANT - PA to the Bishop at Lambeth
                  Caroline Venables - Provincial Safeguarding Adviser

The Revd Dr William Adam -  Ecumenical Adviser
The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley - Chaplain to the Archbishop                  
                  The Revd Dr Rosalyn Murphy - Prior Community of St Anselm
                  The Revd Simon Lewis - Dean, Community of St Anselm
                  Christina Winn - Community of St Anselm Programme Manager
                  Ula Michlowicz, Ione and Alan Morley-Fletcher - Chemin Neuf Community

                  Sister Asia Sikorska - Sub-Prior, Community of St Anselm
                  Sister Sibylle Wisselmann - Community Manager

                  Georgina Morgan - Executive Assistant to the Chaplain
                  The Revd Cortland Fransella - Lambeth Awards Officer

The Revd Canon Chris Russell - Adviser for Evangelism & Witness (half-time consultant)
                   Bella Mates - Evangelism & Witness Programme Coordinator
                   Emma Buchan - Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group Project Leader
                   Benjamin Hyde - PA to the Project Manager of Thy Kingdom Come and the Evangelism Task Group Project Leader

Canon Sarah Snyder - Adviser for Reconciliation (Coventry Cathedral)
                   Helena Hayden-Cadd - Executive Assistant to the Adviser for Reconciliation
                   James Megoran - Director of Rapid Response
                   Martha Jarvis - Programme Co-ordinator
                   Victoria Mason - Programme Co-ordinator (Coventry Cathedral)
                   Kiera Phyo - Director of the Reconciliation Network

                   Bishop Precious Omuku - Archbishop’s Special Representative on Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa