How the Archbishop works with other faiths

Find out how the Archbishop and the Church of England work with other faith leaders and communities.

There are three ways the Archbishop is seeking to engage with other faiths:


Whether it’s meeting regularly with the UK Chief Rabbi, having dialogue and partnership with international Muslim leaders, joining Iftar meals and or hosting faith communities and charities at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop builds relationships of integrity and trust across faiths.


The Archbishop seeks to learn from others and share best practice with the Church and beyond. He does this by making visits across the UK and around the global Anglican Communion – and working to raise the level of religious literacy throughout the Church. As part of this work, the Archbishop hosts training courses for charities, government departments, civil society and third sector groups and organisations.


All over the country, the Church of England is present in diverse communities. The Presence and Engagement programme gives support and resources to churches, as they explore what mission and ministry looks like in multi-religious contexts.

Diverse communities give us exciting opportunities to think creatively about how to get to know our neighbours of other faiths. The Near Neighbours initiative funds social action projects that bring people together in local communities.