Building relationships of trust and respect

Archbishop Justin reflects on why it's so important for us to have good relationships with those of other faiths. 

We’re living and working in an increasingly multicultural and multi-religious society. How do we relate well to one another? That’s the question at the heart of how we work with people faiths different to our own.

As Christians, who have freely received God’s love and grace, we’re called to love our neighbours as ourselves. We’re called to seek the flourishing of all by working together for the common good. That’s why engaging positively and lovingly with those of different faiths is an important part of the Archbishop’s ministry.

All over the country, the Church of England is present in diverse communities. All around the world, Anglican churches exist in countries alongside other faiths. If we want to understand our friends and neighbours, we need to listen and learn from them. We must be prepared to be challenged by them – and ready to work together for the common good.

That comes down to relationships.

Building relationships of trust and mutual respect with other faith leaders and communities is crucial. Learning about each others’ beliefs – what we cherish, what motivates us – helps us get beneath the surface. It means we can share what is unique about our traditions and beliefs. And it helps us disagree well on those things where we fundamentally differ.