Archbishop Justin Welby switches on Christmas lights at Lambeth Palace


Lambeth Palace was lit up with giant stars tonight as churches prepare for the Church of England #FollowTheStar Christmas campaign. 

Justin Welby and the Community of St Anselm with the Lambeth Palace Christmas lights

Lambeth Palace was transformed this evening as the whole front of the building was lit up with giant stars.

The Archbishop of Canterbury led the event, which is part of this year’s #FollowTheStar Christmas campaign from the Church of England.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people into their local church over the Christmas period. Thousands of services and events will be taking place in Church of England churches all over the country in the run up to Christmas.

On Friday 21st December, churches nationwide will display stars on or outside buildings and illuminate them as part of a ‘night of the stars’ with special free events planned at Canterbury and Durham Cathedrals.

Justin Welby and the Community of St Anselm with the Lambeth Palace Christmas lights

Introducing the campaign, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York said: “Wherever you are this Christmas, you are invited to follow the star and to be with Jesus. #FollowTheStar doesn’t ask you to be perfect. It says: come just as you are to take the life-changing Christmas journey. You are welcome. You are deeply known and truly loved.”

Speaking at the event tonight, Archbishop Justin Welby said: “Christmas is going to be all kinds of things to all kinds of people. For some it’s a wonderful time – family, noise, friends and fun. For others it’s isolated, for others there are arguments, it just varies widely.

“#FollowTheStar is celebrating the fact that at the centre of Christmas it is Jesus – who brings joy, healing hope and love, whatever situation you are in – and inviting others to share in that love.

“Perhaps for anyone who is a Christian, you might think this Christmas about inviting someone to come to church with you and find out a little more about Jesus. Church and a meal would be even better!”

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