Archbishop Justin Welby and Methodist leaders urge end to anger and vitriol in public debate


Justin Welby and Methodist leaders

The Archbishop of Canterbury met the President of the Methodist Conference, the Reverend Michaela Youngson, and the Vice-President, Mr Bala Gnanapragasam at Lambeth Palace yesterday. During the meeting they discussed the co-operation of the two churches in mission and evangelism and particularly their partnership in Thy Kingdom Come, the global prayer initiative.

Reflecting on the current political situation in Britain, the Archbishop, the President and Vice-President made the following joint statement:

“Jesus calls us to love one another, and even to love our enemies. In this time of political turmoil we have been shocked at the anger and vitriol that has surrounded so much public discourse, personally, online and via social media. Our Christian heritage, along with other global faith and non-faith traditions, calls for us to treat others as we would wish to be treated. This does not mean the absence of passionate difference, but it does call for respect for human dignity.”


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