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Guildford Diocese raises funds for Sialkot Diocese, Pakistan

The Diocese of Sialkot in Pakistan supports its ministry with income generated from its nine schools, all of which had to close due to Covid-19. This put a severe financial strain on the diocese, whose work is an important Christian witness in a nation with a small Christian minority.

As Link Dioceses, the Diocese of Guildford (Church of England) and the Diocese of Sialkot (Pakistan) are committed to upholding each other in ministry through encouragement and prayer. As the impact of Covid-19 became evident, the Diocese of Guildford raised funds via the Anglican Communion Fund to support the clergy and church workers in Sialkot.  

As Bishop Andrew Watson of Guildford says in this video: “[When] we heard of how Covid was affecting the diocese of Sialkot, especially how the closure of church schools meant their income had dried up for paying both clergy and teachers…we realised that we needed to act in this in this emergency.”

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