Exploring Prayer

A five-part series on talking and listening to God

Exploring Prayer

Justin Welby with young leaders

The power of faith in a conflicted world

Churches are being invited to pioneer the Archbishop's new reconciliation course, 'Difference'. 

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Sharing Jesus

Every Christian sharing their faith with confidence, and living out the radical love of Jesus Christ. That's the vision. 

Young people praying for Archbishop Justin at Soul Survivor festival, summer 2014


The more that Christians pray, the more they become the people of good news for the world around them. 

Hands Across the Divide peace sculpture in Derry


Every Christian is called to be a peacemaker. Archbishop Justin is supporting Anglicans working for reconciliation around the world. 

Justin Welby blesses a young child in Gahini, Rwanda

A global family

The Anglican Communion is a global community of 85 million brothers and sisters, united by the love of Christ, serving a world in need.

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