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How can the Church help to give a voice to people who are easily ignored by the powerful? How can Christians and others make a difference in their local communities and to the society we live in as a nation? What's most important in life and what does Christianity have to say about the big questions we all face?

The Archbishop of Canterbury's ministry in the church, his role in parliament as one of the Lords Spiritual, and his place in public life, give him opportunities to see what others are doing in answer to these questions and to take part in public debate about the issues behind them. That might be through visiting schools and talking to the pupils and staff, through speaking in the House of Lords or writing for the press, or by spending time with clients, volunteers and staff at projects working to make a difference to the lives of those in need around the country.

August 2013

'Building communities of hope': Archbishop preaches in Barbados
12 August 2013
The Archbishop gave the following sermon at Christ Church Parish Church, Barbados on Friday 9 August.…

July 2013

Diversity is 'a gift', says Archbishop Justin during visit to Southall
22 July 2013
Archbishop Justin praised diversity as 'a gift, not a threat' and condemned actions which 'spread hate…

Archbishop becomes president of The Children’s Society
5 July 2013
Archbishop Justin says he is "delighted" that the longstanding partnership between the leading children's…

June 2013

'Christians in the World' - an article for Outlook magazine
17 June 2013
The latest issue of Canterbury Diocese's Outlook magazine is focused on how Christians put their faith…

LISTEN: Archbishop Justin on good banks
12 June 2013
Archbishop Justin tonight called for the banking industry "to be good". Drawing on the story of the Good…

Archbishop Justin's speech to the Lords on the government's gay marriage Bill
3 June 2013
Read the Archbishop's speech today during the Lords' debate on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

March 2013

'Where you stand determines what you see': Archbishop Justin on Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day'
29 March 2013
Speaking on Radio 4's Thought for the Day this Good Friday morning, Archbishop Justin said that news…

January 2013

Bishop Justin writes in Bloomberg on virtue, vice and banks
10 January 2013
The following article by Bishop Justin Welby was published in Bloomberg, the online business and financial…

December 2012

Bishop Justin's Christmas Day Sermon
25 December 2012
Bishop Justin Welby spoke on "The Triumph of Love" at Durham Cathedral on Christmas Day, saying that…

Bishop Justin Welby speaks on Credit Unions in House of Lords
13 December 2012
The Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby, took part in a debate in the House of Lords on Credit Unions.

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