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“Reconciliation doesn’t mean we all agree. It means we find ways of disagreeing – perhaps very passionately – but loving each other deeply at the same time, and being deeply committed to each other. That’s the challenge for the church if we are actually going to speak to our society, which is increasingly divided in many different ways.” Archbishop Justin Welby

Reconciliation is about our relationships - with God and with each other. It involves people, communities and nations learning to live together with deeply-held differences – in a spirit of love and respect. It is to work for justice and seek truth in the light of God’s mercy and peace. For Christians this is not optional: it’s the very heart of the gospel. As we are reconciled in Jesus we now share this gift of God with each other and the whole human family.

Reconciliation transforms how we live with the inevitable conflict life brings, while itself bringing us into conflict with all that excludes and diminishes people and communities. On the journey of reconciliation enemies become friends and hope replaces despair.

Archbishop Justin’s ministry of reconciliation is focused in three areas:

- helping strengthen relationships in the Church of England and enhancing our capacity to transform conflicts involving deeply-held differences

engaging with the Anglican Communion to encourage new approaches to renewing relationships and our commitment to shared life and witness.

exploring how Anglicans understand and practice reconciliation so we can better help transform conflict and end violence between communities and among peoples where we find it around the world.

Read more about Archbishop Justin's priority of reconciliation: 

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